Bride and Groom Wedding Dances


Have a first dance song? What can you do in your wedding dress? How big is your reception's dance floor? Would you like a choreographed wedding dance or do you just want to learn to dance together? Pictured: Jennifer & Adrian

Wedding Dance Music


Is your relationship cozy, spontaneous, romantic? Did he propose with planning and props? Does she always make you laugh when you're low? Whatever song says you - bring it in to create your special dance.

Wedding Dance Music

Father Daughter Dance


Does dad have a favorite dance song? Would you like a choreographed father daughter dance so you both know his dance sequence? Or do you just want to learn to dance together since dad already knows how to dance?

Father Daughter Dance

Wedding Dance Testimonials


I love receiving postcards, letters, emails, texts and videos from my former students. Their kind words and referrals have really made my teaching for the years and years that I've specialized in wedding dances! Pictured: Janet & Keith Just in... Summer & Michael

Wedding Dance Father Daughter Dance Testimonials

Debutante Father Daughter Dance


I've helped hundreds of debutante dads feel empowered to "take on the dance", lead their lovely debuting daughters and not wind up in her dress or on her toes!

Debutante Father Daughter Dance


Dance instruction for bride and groom wedding dance, father daughter dance, mother son dance and wedding party dance!

Valentine's Day Dance Lesson Happy Almost Valentine's Day!

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I'm Jillian and about 16 years ago I started specializing in teaching wedding dances. Since then I've taught hundreds and hundreds of wedding couples all kinds of dances to their special songs, keeping in mind their wedding clothes and time available for practice.

With decades of dance and theater experience and my masters from UCI (Zot! Zot!), I am excited to teach you fun steps and help you look wonderful on the dance floor for THE big day! Just in December testimonial, Katherine & Adam, married 11.6.15!

Jennifer and Adrian's Yelp Testimonial (pictured left)

Wedding Dance Lessons and Choreography